flex, force, and zip!

Terrific Tuesday! That is my mindset heading into the rest of this week. Coming off of an incredible weekend with cherished old friends, and into week one of the new gig. For my old high school friend Luke's birthday, a large group of us went wine tasting in Livermore - which by the way, I … Continue reading flex, force, and zip!

on the evolution train

So I am on day 1 (officially) of the Evolution Fresh juice cleanse. Thanks to the inspiration of my friend Jess, and feeling motivated after a weekend of...extreme unhealthiness...I decided, over gchat, in about 30 seconds that I was going to give it a go. This is typically how I make most of my decisions, … Continue reading on the evolution train

doing as the Romans…don’t do

As much as I love my little San Francisco life and being close to so many family and friends, every time I see an article about travel or photos on Facebook from globe hopping friends, I actually get kind of mad at myself for not making travel a priority. When I left living in Italy … Continue reading doing as the Romans…don’t do

my kinda party

Well, it's finally, FINALLY starting to feel like fall! Although we don't necessarily see changing leaves, there are a few reasons I just love this time of year... Football gamedays and tailgating every weekend and seeing those friends you ONLY see during football season. Boots finally get to come back! G-chatting endlessly with your girlfriends … Continue reading my kinda party

sandy soreness

While waking up and waiting for my 7:00am TRX class folks to get here, I just had to share this awesome workout. Last night, my very good friend Eric and I did a circuit down on Baker Beach, near the Sand Ladder. For those of you that don't know about the Sand Ladders...these are not … Continue reading sandy soreness

an ode to the crazy

A few days ago, I read a blog post titled How Social Media Skewed My Thoughts of Running Fast. Hollie, a fellow fitness blogger, writes about how social media can attribute to the manifestation of many of our fears around accomplishment, and we ultimately end up putting ourselves down by "dumbing" ourselves down. This post … Continue reading an ode to the crazy

tough love is good for you

Your calves are so stiff you almost feel like you've got peg legs. You feel an awkward limp coming on after every run because that area on the outside of your quad - or your knee - is killing you (that's called the IT band - Iliotibial band, for you anatomy freaks). Or, maybe you've … Continue reading tough love is good for you

bears lose, beers win, and we hike for cancer!

2 days of weekend goodness that I'm just aching to report on! I'll let the photos do most of the talking today. Saturday game day @ Memorial. HIGH: Family time - hanging with ALL the fam - mom, dad, grandpa, and uncles. The love and admiration I have for every one of these people only … Continue reading bears lose, beers win, and we hike for cancer!

“get comfortable being uncomfortable”

 - erica pantle, varsity swimming head coach, LHS So, I’ve been through a job interview or two...or three, or four, or like fifty-six. My generation, especially in big tech-savvy cities like San Francisco, is very well known for bouncing from job to job, typically never staying longer than a year or two at the same … Continue reading “get comfortable being uncomfortable”

I Love Lucy

Welcome, folks! Ah, the dreaded first blog post. What do I write about? Should I start with a sample boot camp workout, the one I threw together for my clients this morning? Or maybe a personal story pertaining to some life lesson I acquired way back when...OR, a recipe that is quick and easy and … Continue reading I Love Lucy