I Love Lucy

Welcome, folks! Ah, the dreaded first blog post. What do I write about? Should I start with a sample boot camp workout, the one I threw together for my clients this morning? Or maybe a personal story pertaining to some life lesson I acquired way back when…OR, a recipe that is quick and easy and totally paleo. Nope. All too overwhelming. So, I’ll write about my current favorite thing in the whole wide world – my dog, Lucy.

Actually, this is great. One of the very reasons I got Lucy is to have a permanent running buddy, to motivate me to keep pounding the pavement when I’m feeling in a funk. “Motivation” – one of my blog goals! Score. Well, she’s that and more. The gal is simply fantastic on a leash; can run an 8-mile trail run and still want to play. It’s incredible. Someone is actually showing me up on the energy scale…I never thought that would happen to me, ever! So, little did I know that I had picked out THE PERFECT dog when I got her…


(she ran the Muscle Milk Woodsy 8-Miler with me…came first in dog!)


(seriously…the cutest)

In my (ongoing) quest to diversify my life a few months ago, I decided to start volunteering at the SF SPCA in hopes it would lead me to a new little mut to take home. I saw Lucy on day 1, and had her at home about a week later. It was magical. Although I about near had a heart attack before I went and picked her up, so far it’s been an absolute joy and I’m completely in love. My brilliant mother got me a leash that clips around your waist so you can run hands free, and she loves it! I love it too, except when she decides to jolt after birds and lizards, causing me to trip forward/sideways on occasion. We’re working on that. 🙂

So, running with a dog. Luckily I live in the Presidio, so trail runs are everywhere! The best route we’ve found is the Bay Area Mountain Trail, and it’s proven time and time again to be the best medicine for stress relief and tough times. It’s also perfect for getting my nature fix in this chaotic urban jungle. Here’s my route starting from the Marina:

BA Ridge Trail

It’s the perfect ~5 mile trek that takes you in through the Lombard Gate, up and back past the softball fields/tennis courts, through eucalyptus forests, spitting you out oceanside for super money shots of Baker Beach & the GGB, past the “secret” Moss Beach (a destination you must all look up!), down to Hopper’s Hands, returning along Crissy Field. It’s my most recommended route for all you trail runners, absolutely perfect for a dog, and a total SF staple.

Lucy and I will typically reward ourselves with a latte (for her, a cheesy bacon cookie) from the Presidio Starbucks post-run. I’ll tie her up outside, and she’ll immediately start yapping like a maniac the second I walk inside (alas, the rescue aftermath), where I’ll give a fake “ugh, who’s dog is THAT” look on my face to blend in with the other cranky patrons. I shove my head down and play with my phone, pretending she isn’t mine. But, as soon as my tall SKVL is on the counter, I run outside to get “you didn’t leave me!” kisses from my little lady. Who cares if she barks louder than a siren? She’s the best running partner ever…and that yapping, well, we’re working on that too.

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