bears lose, beers win, and we hike for cancer!

2 days of weekend goodness that I’m just aching to report on! I’ll let the photos do most of the talking today.


Saturday game day @ Memorial.

HIGH: Family time – hanging with ALL the fam – mom, dad, grandpa, and uncles. The love and admiration I have for every one of these people only amplifies with every encounter…#blessed.

LOW: The bears lost 44-22, and due to the loss of a bet, I now have to do 20 Chuggers in a matter of 2-3 days. For those of you who know what those are, please feel sorry for me.


Saturday beers @ Biergarten with old friends, followed by a 30th birthday party for another old friend. Large beers + many greyhounds + great people = a nice, caloric heavy way to end a tough Bears loss (thank goodness for that 9 mile run in the morning…Lucy’s first off-leash run! This is a big win.)

HIGH: A reminder how lucky I am to have such a wide-ranging and  fantastic group of people in my life

LOW: Sunday morning…the drinks – 1, Lindsey – 0. However, I am admittedly insane in that the way I like to rid of hangovers is by sweating it out…so at least I had that on the horizon because…


Sunday morning, my mom, Aunt Terry, friends Kathie & Hillary, and I trekked out to Mt. Tam to participate in the Breast Cancer Foundation Peak Hike


Sporting pink, of course…


We were fed Luna product after Luna product (I was not complaining)…


We hiked 7.5 miles in and around Mt. Tam with hundreds of other supporters. In honor of many immediate family members and close friends, all of us had a reason to partake in this wonderful event (and good job on the matching uni’s, mom!)…


…and we got to hike amongst views like this!


…and properly reward ourselves with Bloody Marys.

HIGH: Time with the fam, friends, exercising my hangover away, and the post-hike burger at Balboa Cafe.

LOW: Hiking DOWNhill. Cranky Lindsey comes into full effect as soon as descending begins. With a semi-torn TFL it was not a pleasant addition to the day…

I feel compelled to highlight this particular weekend, as it left me with a few things to think about and be grateful for – something I encourage everyone to do daily. Sometimes there is nothing like a heart to heart with your mom, seeing your aging grandfather crack a joke while on an outing with “his boys”, or a nice compliment and/or hug from someone unexpected to force you to take a step back and appreciate what you’ve got. My Monday blues-breaking inspiration? To really remember that we ALL have crappy days, tough moments, unmotivated thoughts, and things that just don’t go our way. It’s about reprogramming our brains to see the good in ourselves, in others, and in every situation we end up in throughout this crazy, crazy ride we’re on. That…and don’t drink too many greyhounds. 😉

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