my kinda party

Well, it’s finally, FINALLY starting to feel like fall! Although we don’t necessarily see changing leaves, there are a few reasons I just love this time of year…

Football gamedays and tailgating every weekend and seeing those friends you ONLY see during football season. Boots finally get to come back! G-chatting endlessly with your girlfriends about holiday party dress options. Clear skies (I am sure every San Franciscan looks forward to this as much as I do after our Mark Twain summers). The gingerbread latte release from Starbucks is RIGHT around the corner. Pumpkin anything, Ribollita, and other amazing fall dishes to make!

and finally…STAGECOACH tickets go on sale.

As if my morning wasn’t crazy enough, I strategically planned it out so that I could be on my computer approximately 10 minutes before tickets officially went on sale. Teaching this morning’s class, I had an extra bout of energy just thinking about it! We did a boot camp style circuit that involved 5 burpees in between rounds of exercises. At the end of the 30 minute class, everyone had done 75 burpees all in all! It was a killer morning.


Quite the selection!

Fast forward to 9:50am…there I was trolling Facebook, Twitter, re-reading emails, etc. My calendar reminder was set…now all I could do was wait.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.49.06 AM

10:00am, go time! As much as I could have sworn I clicked the “buy passes” button a split second after the countdown ended, I of course was taken to a “stand-by” page. Oh Stagecoach, you really know how to tease me. Please please please let me get in, I have to see Jason live for the 6th time, I REALLY do. After a few minutes of agony, I was in, and my heart started racing with nervous energy hoping I wouldn’t screw up the registration process. I ended up successfully purchasing a ticket for myself and a friend…excitement, onset!


See this? It’s why every country fan in America is impatiently counting down ’till April 25th.

Stagecoach, which is a 3-day Country Music Festival in the spring (same location as Coachella – but way, way less hipsters and many, many more cowboy hats) is legitimately one of the greatest 3 days I have ever experienced. As not only a country music fanatic, but also a college party girl at heart, this is pretty much heaven (in fact, my Stagecoach friends and I call it Heaven). You forget about life down there in that extremely hot desert, let loose, play drinking games with your crew of 20 and tons of random strangers from 9am onward, only to get gussied up in the evening to walk a mile into the dusty field where the shows are. Lose-your-voice singing your heart out, checking out the drugstore cowboys for as far as the eyes can see, hanging at the back bar with your friends, dance parties on that stumbly saunter back to your RV (or wherever the party is)…it’s just so fantastically fun. You wake up after the first night of the concert with a giddy laugh because guess what? You get to do that for TWO MORE DAYS.

I’ve created a very special bond with my “Stagecoach crew.” There is something about concert festivals in general, I think, that really brings people together. Everyone is in a good mood (is there a reason not to be?), living a little wild, and forgetting their troubles together. Not to mention countless fun & sentimental country songs, Coors light on a hot day, lawn games, kiddie pool parties, and people in bathing suits all day. It’s something I look forward to EVERY year, and couldn’t be more excited about what the 2014 3-day love fest will bring with the Stagecoach fam!

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