on the evolution train

So I am on day 1 (officially) of the Evolution Fresh juice cleanse. Thanks to the inspiration of my friend Jess, and feeling motivated after a weekend of…extreme unhealthiness…I decided, over gchat, in about 30 seconds that I was going to give it a go. This is typically how I make most of my decisions, by the way. On the fly. Good? Not always. Fun? You bet.

As much as I am hard-core craving anything and everything that isn’t juice, tea, fruits, or vegetables, I’m actually feeling pretty great. I started the day with a workout at BodyFi before my class began (this is a tried and true way to “test” my classes, as well – but it definitely means really early mornings). First juice was the Essential Vegetables.

IMG_2033(like my purple chipped nailpolish?)

This juice was pretty good – the beets gave it a nice flavor, only 140 calories in the bottle, 28 grams of sugar…not great, but not awful. 30 grams of carbs, a ton of Vitamin A and Potassium as well. About 2 hours later I had juice #2, Sweet Greens, which was so awful that I had to chug it and throw it out immediately. So sorry, no photo. For lunch, I did round 2 of Essential Greens, plus I decided to incorporate a few real food additions, like fruits and veggies, also the snack bars that Evolution makes that are REALLY good. They sell them at Starbucks, too. Sweet! So I had one of those and some carrots I brought from home.

IMG_2034This afternoon I did the Cucumber Pineapple Ginger, which was SO delicious, but had a ton of sugar and a higher calorie content. Boo. But, I figured, I’ve worked out today and will be teaching class later/going on a walk, so I can handle it (I know, you aren’t supposed to workout on a cleanse…that’s a rule I am just going to have to break).


Other than salivating as my coworkers pass around Haribo gummy bears, my head feels clear, I feel lighter on my feet, my energy levels are a bit down but overall not terrible. I think I can do this for another day! Also, I am wearing the cutest polka dot shoes that are making me super happy today.

IMG_2035And, my mom posted the sweetest little Instagram for Throwback Thursday. My mom is so with it and trendy, it cracks me up! Her hashtags are better than mine sometimes.


I mean come on, with the bangs. Also, is one side of my hair curly while the other side is crimpy? This is pure gold.

…and the FINAL piece of randomness that I have for this Thursday is that I can officially announce my EXCITEMENT in that I’ve landed an amazing gig, and will be joining the recruiting team at Fitbit next week! I am so excited and honored to be joining a super innovative and successful company IN the fitness industry. Total win!

Wish me luck as I roll into day 2 of this cleanse business. If you are interested in trying this, and live in San Francisco, you can order online, or pick up very handy 6-packs (I WISH it was that kind of 6-pack) at their store on Fillmore & Sacramento. It is a great product, and the store has awesome salads, breakfast foods, etc. as well. Still, I’m already excited to break the cycle at my going away happy hour with SoFi (anyone have student loans? Look them up! Amazing company that is disrupting the student loan industry).

Happy Thursday everyone!

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