flex, force, and zip!

Terrific Tuesday! That is my mindset heading into the rest of this week. Coming off of an incredible weekend with cherished old friends, and into week one of the new gig. For my old high school friend Luke’s birthday, a large group of us went wine tasting in Livermore – which by the way, I highly recommend! Great wineries, smaller than Napa (also cheaper), and all around beautiful. It was so great to see so many people I hadn’t talked to in months or even years! We had so much fun that we kept the day going…well into the night. A few fun snaps below!


My best friend since age 3, Nicole, and our friend (also fellow running fanatic) Madison


the birthday boy and his lovely ladies

So like I mentioned, yesterday was my first day at Fitbit. Upon arrival, us new hires were issued a Fitbit Flex, Zip tracker, and a Force is on it’s way – those are just 3 of like, 10 products I received as part of my “welcome to most awesome company ever” kit. Along with that was a super cute backpack, a water bottle, shirt, and wireless scale.

photo (2)

While I am obviously excited about the fun stuff (and to start making it my daily goal to win the daily steps leader board with my new Fitbit, of course), the best part was meeting my team, hearing about the incredible culture and growth of the company, and the fun activities; weekly Friday happy hours, in-house fitness classes, and running clubs, oh my! It’s also exciting to understand more about the impact I get to make there. One of the best things for me, career-wise, is that finding and seeking opportunities to help improve, grow, own, and contribute. On the recruiting team, there is so much that I am ready to get ramped up on, and even more that I can’t wait to bring to the table!

Today, we have a team off-site to Bar Bocce in Sausalito via Ferries, where I get to spend time in A FUN setting with this awesome group of folks…talk about picking a great week to start! It’s also Halloween this week…any fun plans? Creative costumes? I am going to be a frog. My friend Allie and I ordered those animal footy pajamas from webundies.com – she is a penguin. Cute, comfortable, and just plain fun. If only I could find Lucy a princess costume!

photo (1)

Happy Tuesday to everyone! Feeling excited and blessed today…oh, and tired. I just did an amazing workout before my class this morning at BodyFi – check it out, it’s in the most recent post in the W.O.W section!

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