work, life, and more GoRuck

Today I am to be featured on my company’s Facebook page (you can see this live later today here). Each week we highlight someone at BetterWorks and ask then a few light hearted questions, one of which is “What’s been your favorite moment at BetterWorks?” I found this question really tough to answer, because throughout my … Continue reading work, life, and more GoRuck


Last night I went to a really inspiring event at the Museo Italo Americano (museum) in Ft. Mason hosted by 'The Habit Project', a foundation founded by professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano (who totally retweeted me today, woot)...I wonder if she requested the event be at an Italian inspired venue? She clearly has the Italian thing … Continue reading habits

Blogger Survey (with pictures)

Remember those super cute email chains you used to get with surveys that you could fill out and pass to you friends when you were like, 13, on AOL? Yeah this is kinda like that. Sarcasm aside, I love interacting with other bloggers, and this was found on, who got it from someone else, etc. … Continue reading Blogger Survey (with pictures)

Summer Camp and Double Days

Sometimes you're just like "I want to write about so many things." So I will, because it's America and that's freedom, kids. So last weekend I went to "Summer Camp" with my GoRuck weirdo tribe down in Santa Cruz. For a cult (yes, a cult) of people who tend to spend 90% of their time … Continue reading Summer Camp and Double Days