Summer Camp and Double Days

Sometimes you’re just like “I want to write about so many things.” So I will, because it’s America and that’s freedom, kids.

So last weekend I went to “Summer Camp” with my GoRuck weirdo tribe down in Santa Cruz. For a cult (yes, a cult) of people who tend to spend 90% of their time together working out really, really hard and 10% of their time drinking beer after working out really, really hard…this was a really wonderful opportunity to get everyone together to swap those percentages. We ate, drink, kayaked, beach’d, hot spring’d, drank more, laughed, danced, adopted an Uber driver, and overall had an amazing time together. I love feeling further integrated into such an awesome group. I also just realized that if every time I write I reference how awesome the GoRuck people are, you are all going to get annoyed and stop reading.

The one thing I’d really like to highlight (don’t worry, a workout comes out of this rant) is that as much drinking damage and debauchery that ensued, there were a handful of us who decided to get together to do 1.5 hours of some pretty hard PT (physical training). The “ring leader” of the Santa Cruz ruck crowd puts together workouts every Wednesday for anyone who wants to join him, and organically over time they have become known as the Famous DeToma Stairs workouts. He gladly inflicted pain on us Sunday morning; it’s a killer set for anyone who has something heavy to carry and some stairs and some space:


4 Rounds:

24 burpees + 400M run


Main Set:

400M walking lunges with weight (a ruck, a sandbag, anything)


5 Rounds:

50 Ruck Squats

Down the stairs

50 ruck squats (or 50 flutter kicks, or tricep dips…)

Run/Ruck Up the Stairs

…and then we drank more beer, and then we went home.

I’ve been feeling pretty stagnant/crappy lately and I know I am hitting great workouts very consistently, and that it is likely due to my lack of conscious nutrition efforts (aka wine and beer for every occasion! It is festival season after all), I made a personal commitment to clean up my act this week with more water and less wine, and a personal challenge to do double-days every day this week. I am mixing it up with strength training with the Sheepdog crew, runs with Lucy, yoga classes, and cycling. Yesterday morning I did a strength complex circuit that consisted of quick paces but heavy weights, so I did a yoga class last night to balance things out. More strength/heavy weights this morning, doing Cycling and “foam roll release” to get some of the lactic acid from the weights out tonight. Tomorrow I will run with the pup and do a yoga class, Thursday will be another Sheepdog strength session and a heated yoga class, and Friday I will do cycling. I definitely start to feel inflammed/bulky after too much strength back to back in a short period of time, but I know that the inflammation goes down after a few days, and i ultimately look and feel better. I am hoping that throwing some pure cardio and stretching through yoga will help to speed up this process as well. And more water. Wow, am I terrible at drinking water…it’s actually pretty fascinating how bad I am.

My main goals these next 2 months are endurance-strength so that I can really do well/feel good during the 2 GoRuck events I have coming up, particularly the 48-ish hour HCLS in November. I want to be really strong, really able to move with ease, and for my only pain to be sleep deprivation. I already feel like I am in a great starting spot, looking forward to seeing the effects of this week of doubles! Once these events are over, it’s mostly going to be running, biking, and swimming with light weight training for Ironman prep all of next year, and ultimately leaning out, so I am genuinely trying to enjoy feeling like a super badasss CrossFitter who lifts heavy crap for the next few months, regardless of how big my muscles get. 🙂

While I can’t believe it is Labor Day Weekend already (already?), Cal Football starts on Saturday! September is my favorite because of football season, and even thought it is only a preseason game, it’s a chance to throw on my blue and gold, tailgate with some amazing people, see old friends, and visit my gorgeous Alma Mater. I love that my mom and stepdad have a really fun group of tailgate friends that have adopted me into their crew as well, and it’s really special to get to spend that time with my mom.

Off to workout #2 for the day, and then drinks with my most favorite old roommate. Yeah, so much for this clean week and water drinking thing…sometimes life is just too fun…but hey, that’s my kind of balance. On the plus side, everyone is at Burning Man this week so the city is DELIGHTFULLY empty and traffic free. 🙂 Happy Tuesday to all!

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