work, life, and more GoRuck

Today I am to be featured on my company’s Facebook page (you can see this live later today here). Each week we highlight someone at BetterWorks and ask then a few light hearted questions, one of which is “What’s been your favorite moment at BetterWorks?” I found this question really tough to answer, because throughout my time here, there have been so many milestone moments that I have treasured! The amazing thing about working for a small company, where we all sit in one big open area and just so happen to have some of the coolest people employed here, is the fact that we laugh all the time, get to know each other well, cross-collaborate, and are constantly entertaining one another on a daily basis. One of our values is “bring your whole self to work”, and I truly think we embody that. We are so diverse and everyone is genuinely interesting! This type of environment really lends itself to creating memories and establishing inside jokes on a daily basis – from the hilarious weather microclimates within our tiny little space, to the emoji wars, to the gong that is constantly highlighting our sales and recruiting successes, to the incessant laughter on our #slack channels, to making our sales support guy into a Chuck Norris type character…these people truly do make me smile every single day.

But if I can be honest, my favorite moments “at BetterWorks” tend to occur when I am with my work family outside of our tiny little startup walls. One thing I adore is that there’s a pretty big group of us that have taken a, well, obsession with Soul Cycle. Our #grababike slack channel consists of so much hilarity, sarcasm about what a cult we are, how we are crushing on various instructors, planning our next Soul challenge, etc., and it is one of my favorite things to do with my awesome team. It is truly “work-life integration” at it’s finest, and I love that the company is so supportive of us making fitness a priority (even if it means leaving a bit early to catch that 5:30 Kamelle class…because duh, we are all “Kamellionaires” by now…and if you live in SF and want a hard class that will keep you laughing the whole time, you go and get down with this guy because he is the bees knees).

In thinking about work-life integration, I then got to thinking about “workout-life” integration. There is something so conceptually easy yet oddly difficult in making fitness a priority in your day-to-day/weekly routine. Planning your workouts to fit your personal schedule can seem easy, but I am even personally surprised how difficult each incremental day can get – based on other activities, workload, personal life, mood, etc. The funny thing about fitting in a workout every day, after a ton of situational trial and error, is that there is NO magic formula, no secret answer anyone is hiding from you. It’s pretty simple – you wake up earlier, or you go to bed later, or you replace your glass of wine with friends with time at the gym. It’s really as simple as that, just plain old sacrifice. I hear so many people say “I wish I had time to workout, but I am so busy”, and to be frank, I just don’t buy it. If I didn’t wake up at 5am everyday to get my fitness time in, or pre-plan my day to make sure I am making a specific class, or say no to things sometimes (only sometimes), I wouldn’t get anything done. It all comes down to self-discipline and time management. How boring and terrible is that? Sometimes being disciplined is just so un-fun.

That said, I am definitely one of those people (as most of you know by now) that really likes to try and do it all. I think I took this to the extreme…again…this past weekend. On Friday night, I did another GoRuck Challenge, the 9/11 Remembrance event (so truly incredible, and HARD…more on that below, in picture form), and then proceeded to have breakfast with the crew, see off the GoRuck Light challengers, head out to my parent’s place to watch football and drink beer at a local bar, and then went straight to a good friend’s 30th birthday. I was up for almost 48 hours straight…to say I slept well that night might be an understatement! I do this type of extreme living because I love it, and sometimes life is too full and exciting to say no. I realize it is not for everyone, and there are definitely times where I say no to everything and go into hermit mode…but sometimes, you say yes to everything and the memories you leave with are WELL worth the exhaustion.

I’ll spare a long and drawn out GoRuck race report, instead I’ll show off some amazing photos that highlight our challenge – overall it was a stellar crew, we had 2 amazing Cadre, got cold, sandy, tired, climbed a bajillion stairs, but had the best time. I love this community more than words can express!

9.11 6

The starting point, Sports Basement in the Presidio. 2 Ranks! (I am in the teal jacket/red socks…makes it easy to see me)

9.11 5

First thing we did? To the shore! “The water is deep…you will be judged!”

9.11 7

The beginning of “the welcome party” (aka an hour or more of physical challenge, including flutter kicks on the shore)

9.11 3

Making sugar cookies out of each other


In remembrance of the twin towers falling, we climbed as many stairs as there were in one tower – 2,007! Coit Tower steps saw a lot of us that night…

9.11 2

Back in the drink for the 3rd time

9.11 8

Carrying a lot of heavy stuff…

9.11 10

“The flutter kick!”…Cadre Sean & Derek really loved having us do these (they were awesome otherwise)

9.11 12

Hangin’ out in front-leaning rest, covered in sand, at the endex of the challenge. Almost there!

9.11 1

Still smiling!

log crew

Some of my favorites! Steve, Toshi, and Brad

9.11 4

And after it’s all over…we drink whiskey…at 9am.

9.11 11

Class 1655! What a ride. 🙂

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