Get Vitabee!

Hi all,

I am excited to announce my association with Vitabee, a new supplement and fitness product startup that helps people find, buy, and educate themselves on supplement regimens for their personal fitness and overall health goals. These guys are doing something really cool, it’s like crowd-sourcing for fitness supplements and regimens, and I can’t wait to see where this idea goes in the future!

The idea is that hoo-ha’s like myself who have figured out what works for them in their personal and trainer-professional goals, can create customized plans, and can then recommend these programs/supplements (bars, protein powders, tablets, hydration aids, etc) to other hoo-ha’s looking for some answers. They also provide a quick and easy way to purchase!

Here’s my link!

(Real talk – if you click to purchase any of my recommended products via my Vitabee page, I get a slice of the cheddar…so ya know, do that. Cool? Cool)

My Supplement Plan:

  1. Quest Bars – because they are so delicious, 0 grams sugar, and lot’s of flavors. These are really huge in the paleo circuit and I get why – try the Cookie Dough one. I dare you not to eat two in a row…
  2. Osmo Hydration + Protein Replacement – again with the 0 grams sugar, and the taste! It’s light, not too sweet, and not that pricey. I use this on long runs and it’s really popular in the cycling/triathlon world as well.
  3. Juice Plus – my mom got us started on this YEARS ago, and well, if you look at my mom you’ll see why this stuff works. It’s all of your fruit and vegetable daily needs adorably packaged into tiny capsules, but the benefits go beyond that – you don’t get sick, ever. You look amazing. You age better, live longer, have more energy, and did I mention you LOOK BETTER?

So. Why did I pick these things, you ask? Well let me enlighten! Here’s some back story thought processes I go through when choosing stuff like this…

I’ll start by saying I have never been one to use supplements at all – not even Advil for headaches (thanks dad for telling us that having the flu was all a state of mind. I’m pretty sure you were just too lazy to go buy us medicine…but I’m tougher now for it, so actually and seriously…thank you). I have always thought that proper water hydration, real food, adequate macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat in the form of real food like meat or legumes, vegetables, fruit, and nuts – basically paleo, yo) is all you need for building, shedding, sustaining, recovery, etc. I consider myself an “au natural athlete”, if you will.

One thing about training for a variety of events – from endurance to sprinting to strength to, I don’t know, general “I want to look good naked” gym-going, is that you play around a lot with figuring out how your body feels at any given time of the day, before and after workouts, etc. When I think about getting up at 5am for a gym session or a long run, knowing I have to race like heck to get to work afterward, the last thing I want to do is boil an egg or toast some bread with peanut butter. Have you ever been to a gym with a kitchen? Yeah me either. This is, in my opinion, why shakes and bars have taken off in viral popularity.

The other thing I have really become cognizant of is my processed sugar intake. There are all kinds of fascinating diet schools of thought – eat low fat! Low carb! More bacon! Juice cleanse! But, I truly believe, based on both my observances within myself and educating myself on the causes of diabetes (runs in the fam), that sugar is the root of all evil. I read this article recently and it highlights a lot of the same thought processes I’m spewing right now – start ’em living healthy young, folks! It’s too bad that sugar is so delicious, I mean that just plain sucks, but I really try to indulge infrequently and keep the processed sugar levels pretty low (when I’m not drinking wine or eating chocolate). 🙂

Finally, if anyone understands what it is like to have a busy schedule, it’s me, and trying to fit in cooking real protein or managing your diet needs when you’re out and about 80% of the time is hard. Like, really hard. I totally get why people resort to powders, pre-made drinks, bars, etc. I think finding one for your personal goals (muscle building? Get the super ultra protein stuff from Muscle Max – more power to ya – I ain’t trying to be Ronda Rousey over here. Want to maintain and maybe shed a little? Go for the low carb/calorie version and maybe scale back the intake…there really is a solution for everyone). One thing I see happen ALL the time with folks trying to cut weight or maintain “race weight” is that people use shakes, bars, etc. as “replacements”…but then they eat normally in addition to that…which means these “replacements” become “extra calories”, and the goals go out the window. Oy. :/. I get that we all have varying degrees of self control, and maybe this is precisely why companies have created low sugar/calorie versions of their supplements…and now I’m just ranting.

I am also consistently and serially dehydrated, so finding an electrolyte to keep me hydrated that is low sugar, also that tastes good, has been a KEY find for me, especially during long GoRuck events and long runs. I also sweat, like, 2x the average human in basic exercise alone, so I need a lot of help!

Anyways, enjoy the recommendations and feel free to pass along!


Why ABC Family is my spirit animal

One of the best parts about being an adult, in my opinion, is watching holiday movies you love on repeat whenever you want, with no judgment from others or a parent telling you to go brush your teeth and go to bed. And wine. Don’t forget the wine. And maybe even some pumpkin spiced candles (guys I got Lucy some pumpkin spiced dog treats…she loves them, trust me on this).

Needless to say, I’m single. And when I am not training, sleeping, or working, this Halloween season you’ll likely find me snuggling with Lucy watching one of my favorite tv/movie networks, ABC Family. Not only do I get to obsessively watch their made-for-tv Christmas Movies on the 25 Days of Christmas in December (I am dead serious when I say I have watched ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas’ like, 47 times, but you guys it’s SO GOOD), but NOW, they have the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family. Specifically, ‘Hocus Pocus’, AKA the Holy Grail of cheesy yet awesome Halloween movies, is on my agenda…on repeat. It’s funny, cozy, mildly “scary” at times…ok so it’s mostly cheesy but ABC Family hits a soft spot with me and that’s just the way it goes. And now as an adult, I get to judge it. Another favorite pass time of mine (kidding…kinda)

But still, the experience of watching it as an adult is wildly different than as a child when all sorts of things just went right over my head. So grab some Halloween candy and humor me, because here are all the things I just thought when I watched Hocus Pocus as an adult:

  1. Thackery Binks is still hot.
  2. Why is his name not Zachary? Is Thackery a thing? [Googles.] No, not really.
  3. I’m pretty sure SJP’s character has spent a little too much time sniffing the cauldron if you know what I mean and I think you do.
  4. I wonder what a child smells like to a witch. Bacon? Melted cheese? Mmmm.
  5. Before there was The Weeknd, there was Mary:
    Left: Oh My Disney; Right:
  6. The font size in the witches’ spell book is the same size font in my dad’s phone. AKA visible from space.
  7. I miss the ’90s…
  8. But not the fashion. Definitely not tie-dyed shirts and scrunchies.
  9. “Tubular” needs to make a comeback.
  10. I’m changing my name from Lindsey to Ice. [refills wine glass]
  11. Max is seriously ungrateful for that awesome room. Just wait until he grows up, moves to San Francisco, overpays for an apartment the size of his childhood closet, and has 3 roommates.
  12. I love how these parents are all, “You do you, kids, we’re off to get drunk!” I want to be them.
  13. “Max likes your yabos. In fact, he loves them.” Every time I hear this line I giggle with fresh embarrassment.
  14. I need a YouTube tutorial on Winifred Sanderson’s lipstick look. Immediately.
    Image Source: Oh My Disney
  15. You know, if someone had just told the Sanderson sisters about a little thing called plastic surgery, no one would have to die in the name of beauty.
  16. It’s starting to get mildly awkward how many times they reference Max’s virginal state, no?
  17. “I suggest we form a calming circle.” Oh, Mary. You sniffed the cauldron too, didn’t you?
  18. I need more wine.
  19. Current tally of how many times they’ve reminded us Max is a virgin: 3,492,840,234
  20. “He has a little woman.” “Sounds tasty.” I just can’t even with these ladies.
  21. Mary watching TV for the first time is me every time my Lucy does her little sigh….THIS IS SO GREAT NEVER END I LOVE YOU! MORE! MORE!
  22. “It’s the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark!” [dives into the Halloween candy]
  23. Ok we totally get why they ditched the kids to go to this party. It’s awesome.
  24. Whoa, mom. Whoa. Did my mom wear stuff like this when I was like, 7, and I didn’t know about it? YOU GO MOM.
    Image Source: Oh My Disney
  25. Bette Midler mic drop.
  26. I’m totally getting a black cat and naming him Thackery Binx wait no I’m not Lucy would EAT HIM.
  27. It’s 5 AM and the parents are still out? Yep they are my role models.
  28. Damn it, Dani. Way to get snatched.
  29. Imagine if that cauldron was filled with sangria? No one would be complaining then.
  30. YES! MAX TO THE RESCUE! This kid is growing on me. There’s a little Freddy Prinze, Jr. thing happening here. Or maybe that’s the wine. What ever happened to FPJ? Ugh he was a stud. I’ll watch “She’s All That” next.
  31. Would my brother ever sacrifice his life to a witch for me? Helllll no.
  32. “I’m sorry Emily, I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle!” LOL. Guy’s got jokes.
  33. I can’t wait to watch this 6 more times.