So Ironman training is…

Fun. Hard. Time consuming. Annoying. Exciting. Scary. All things everyone who has ever trained for anything, ever, knows.

I think the thing about the training that I am most surprised by is my mindset shift. When I “started” the training program, aka had a daily/weekly plan that I “officially” implemented into my life…I had zero concept of the volume. It had just been way too long since I had trained for something like this. It was intimidating as all hell. With GoRuck HCLS, I honestly relied on sheer fitness and luck to get through the intense amount of mileage we covered (over 65 miles total). When I began this journey, the HOURS you spend swimming, running, cycling, etc…seemed daunting. Now, they feel doable. And I get excited about some of the days. All good signs. Signs I have turned completely nuts. I’m one of THOSE tri-nerds now.

This whole “your life becomes training” ordeal people speak of, it’s completely true, and I’m a huge fan so far. I have found the love of engulfing myself into it, great timing because I happen to be going through a pretty rough and depressed emotional state for some personal reasons, and I have to say, that training is saving me. When I get down or sad or angry, I literally pop my laptop open and google search training plans, biking tips, ironman tips, all that stuff. It keeps my mind focused on the prize and away from going down a rabbit hole. Who has time for that anyway. When I swim, I feel calm. Cycling class occupies my mind and leaves me breathless. Running is my savior, it has always been the best dose of therapy for me. Training is saving me.

I ALSO GOT A NEW BIKE. New toys make for better moods too, am I right? She’s a 2016 Specialized Ruby Sport…and she’s beautiful. You can check her out on my Instagram. 🙂

What else is happening…well I am in love with my work and it’s going REALLY WELL. I feel accomplished, important, very successful, more of an adult than I ever have, oh, and guess what else, I moved to Walnut Creek! I think I love making fun of the suburbs JUST as much as I love living there. Space! A garage! A yard! Lucy can run around without abandon (kinda)! She also has a perma-friend (my roommate has a dog) so that keeps me sane as well. I actually enjoy driving to places like Target. And I live super close to my family. And my little morning routine of smoothies after a tough gym workout at the foo-foo gym snack bar are like, uh, amazing. It’s waspy and hilarious, but I am in love with suburban life. For now.

I miss San Franciscan life sometimes…Postmates (aka anything and everything on demand and delivered to you, always), really good coffee, lot’s of amazing cocktail spots, walking anywhere, those bridge views, the fog (yep, the fog), feeling apart of a “bubble”, insanely interesting people…actually, one hilarious differentiation I have made between SF and the burbs is the dating scene. I am on a few dating websites (Tinder and Bumble, for those in the know), and in SF, every guy you encounter is CEO or CoFounder or VP of this or that, and in the east bay…it’s more like “Construction” or “Teacher”. I haven’t really been out on many dates since living here so I can’t judge too much, but it’s a noticeable difference and somehow makes me think that the stereotypes about SF dwellers being know-it-all brats is true. That would make me a know it all brat. Really? Really. But now I am in the burbs being a know it all brat, so I’m like a hybrid. I’m a Fiat 500e. Sweet.

Lastly, I have some REALLY fun news! I was selected to be a Movemeant Foundation Ambassador for 2016 – 1 of 30 women across the country that will stand for women finding strength, self-love, and power through fitness, getting out of their comfort zone and getting active. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this elite group of women. I will be hosting some events, doing some promotions, and getting to walk alongside these incredible women in this journey to get women moving and be proud of their bodies….more to come so stay tuned!

Love and forza,



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