May…time to go.

Growing up, I was never one to take medicine, put bandaids or Neosporin on cuts, and I never had a sprained ankle that lasted very long. In short, I tend to heal fast. I'd like to thank my genes for that, but also my upbringing. My parents raised us to be tough. Walk it off. … Continue reading May…time to go.

Things I’m Loving 2.0

After a decent amount of go, go, go in my life lately, I have to admit it's quite nice to be in a month of a little less "activity" and a little more...well, activity in the way of exercise but much less so in the way of obligations, events, birthdays (guys I'm 31...31...say it again...sigh...ok, … Continue reading Things I’m Loving 2.0


I truly wish there was a different word for "beautiful"...something more powerful (ugh, NO that was not a line from the most recent episode of Nashville, how dare you suggest that...but seriously though, #teamlayla). So anyways, if there were, and heck maybe there is, I would use it to describe this past weekend's wedding weekend … Continue reading #dalportowedding