Things I’m Loving 2.0

After a decent amount of go, go, go in my life lately, I have to admit it’s quite nice to be in a month of a little less “activity” and a little more…well, activity in the way of exercise but much less so in the way of obligations, events, birthdays (guys I’m 31…31…say it again…sigh…ok, we’re good), the “HCLS of weddings” (only my GoRuck friends will get that one), etc.

So as I am sitting in my gym’s super waspy and adorable cafe/restaurant after a spin class (2nd workout of the day, thank you!) with a glass of Zin and a super healthy chicken dish to my left, I decided to throw together some more of my recent favorite, odd, stupid indulgences and obsessions because who doesn’t love a good list of random shit that some basic white girl from the burbs loves to talk about…amirite?!


  • Tom’s Organic Deodorant – not to be mistaken with the shoe company (deodorant for shoes? That’s called “Dr. Schols” and I totally bought some this morning). Get the lavender scented one. I am not typically a deodorant person, but I decided randomly the other week to buy this and try it. Now before you say “Ew, gross”, I’m going to say “Heyyy have you looked into how much aluminum in deodorant screws with like, your entire existence? Yeah I didn’t think so. Aluminum is for cheap bike frames, and like, Diet Coke cans.” Tom’s is aluminum free. Plus, it’s super fresh smelling and doesn’t leave stains on your black shirt when you put it on because who puts on a shirt all sultry-like how they do in deodorant commercials? That’s right. NOBODY.


  • UCan Energy Bars – I’m not even sure if I should capitalize all the letters in “UCAN” (look I just did it) because the packaging is so futuristic and space-like, who knows? Weird, weird aesthetic to the wrapper but holy deliciousness. I am a little weird in that I like kinda chalky tasting energy bars but seriously, the chocolate peanut butter flavor is so good and I can eat one in like 25 seconds flat. Plus, they are gluten free, no sugar, etc etc…yeah, just try them. They sell them at my gym and I decided to test one out one morning because who can resist a space-like font… I’ve been hooked ever since.


  • This workout  – I kind of go into this in the post, but I’ll say it again. Ironman training is a lot of cardio, and your weight lifting and body weight strength kiiiiind of go to shit during it. So in realizing this, and the frustration that goes along with not being able to do, like, a single pull-up anymore sparked me to try this masochistic upper body scorcher. I now have broken blisters on both of my palms but hey, who needs to wash their hair with their entire palm anyway? All joking aside, this is a fantastic upper body and core burner that I am bound and determined to complete once a week until either my palms fall off completely or I have she-hulk arms. Whichever comes first?


  • Crispin Cider – I have to attribute my very recent newfound obsession with this crisp (touché, Crispin), gluten free, refreshing, super full of sugar drink to my darling friend Jenn. I was never a cider fan until her and our Nordcal event where all we did was drink copious amounts of it, and now I seriously can’t go back to “regular” beer. After just 3 weeks, I feel versed enough to give advice on which ciders to try and which ones I like and why. Yeah…it’s that bad (and for the record, I really like Red Branch Raspberry and Crispin original…oh, and Stella cider is NOT BAD!)


  • “I Had A Nice  Time…And Other Lies” – this is a book, guys. I have had so many laugh out loud moments while reading this, particularly in inappropriate places like crowded BART trains and quiet working cafes. It’s all about modern dating as a modern woman, written by two gals who have made the “betch” an icon, which is basically a girl with the mentality of a “I am a confident, no BS, doesn’t settle, ‘I am a prize’ type of chick”. A chick we should all seriously act like. It is enlightening, absolutely hysterical, super true, and something every single gal trying to get a decent date in this world should read. Or you could like, become a Nun and never have to worry about men again. Totally up to you.


Happy Wednesday to all of my lovely readers…hope your day was filled with blisters, spilled coffee, and Justin Beiber spin class songs like mine was!


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