Let’s talk about our mornings.

Guys, do you feel like EVERYONE is talking about their morning routines lately, or am I just stuck in a rut listening to a homogenous group of podcasts where this is what is the topic of choice? Whatever, it’s really inspired me over the last few months to take a good, long look at how my mornings are affecting me. My day, my overall health (ahem, more like how that random hungover Wednesday really puts a damper on my productivity…wait what?), and my long term successes are unequivocally linked to my habits in the am hours. I’ve realized that without a doubt, it’s a trickle down affect. Snowball affect? Hmm. Non lo so.

But here’s the thing. After listening to, and reading about, tons of successful people’s routines they have in the morning, I realized that no two are the same and honestly, you have to trial and error this ‘ish  out of this stuff to find out what works for YOU. I got so intimidated and down on myself, honestly, reading through some of the morning routines. Like, ‘who are these super-humans? If I COMMIT to making my bed each day, will I be super rich in a month?’ Lol. No. I think the mindset is on point…but no. Overall, the common themes I tended to notice were:

  • early to rise – like 5am early
  • meditation
  • water with lemon immediately (lukewarm to be EXACT)
  • journaling
  • don’t look at your phone for awhile
  • movement

…not really in that order, but looking at that list now, you COULD do it in that order.


I tried most of these. Some for a week and lost interest, or just didn’t find it therapeutic enough or whatever. I also cannot STAND the red “1” sign on an app signaling I have a notification. Anyone else here? It’s like being a 0-inbox person vs. a 1,456 email inbox person. How do you people live? Anyways. Some of them stuck…but honestly I listened to my own intuition a lot of times and did what FELT GOOD FOR ME. Not on the regular, because lets be honest I am a total pushover and a sucker for a happy hour invite on a Tuesday that turns into karaoke at the Z Bar (Reno folks, you feel me on this one) and a bedtime of past midnight. That said, alongside new habits to test out, it was just overall really motivating for me to take a step back and look at how I was spending my weeknights, and my week mornings, was affecting my health.

Ok so, after trial, error, trial again, evaluation, yada yada…here is what I now LOVE to do in the mornings. I do it pretty consistently, because it makes me feel amazing, energetic, like a total boss bitch at work, and crazily enough I get SO much personal shit done. Like, in one day. It’s crazy what you can do when you start the day with intention. Ok here we go, and don’t worry I will provide anecdotes as to WHY I do each thing, because #context:

5:00 alarm goes off – here’s the key, choose an alarm sound that is SOFT. It’s like a zen thing. Think about how you came into this world. That whole philosophy, you know the one I’m talking about, like if you came out screaming to people screaming…you probably have more difficulties with anxiety. If you were born with candles and soft music in a bath at home, probably less so. Anyways, wake up from your peaceful, sleeping state to something soothing and lovely. Your initial auto-immune reactions will thank you.

Stretching meditation for 5 minutes – I have found soooo much happiness in concentrated stretching first thing in the morning lately, maybe running through some basic yoga moves. I try to really quiet my mind and focus on my breathing for a few minutes. I literally am the worst at meditation. Moving meditation, though, works for me (me? like to move? shocker), plus it really makes the blood flow kick in, and this is particularly beneficial for me to feel “alive” and start my day feeling good if i know I cant work out until the evening, or even at all. I also have crappy circulation and I am convinced this helps (zero scientific proof of this, just go with it). Want a fun little hack? Stretch in the shower when your muscles are warm and use some friggin’ peppermint essential oils mixed with plain soap to give your legs, arms, shoulders a lil’ massage. Ahhhh. Yep, enough said.

Spin Class or a 25 minute HIIT Treadmill Workout – My gym has spin on M, W, F at 5:30am, so I really try to get to those as much as possible (if bedtime choices allow). It feels great and the music is almost consistently happy and edm-ish. Keeping a steady hold on my cycling fitness just seems like something I want to keep up on too, even though I don’t have any triathlons on the docket (…yet. Maybe.). If I don’t make it on time or if it’s an off-day, I have this awesome treadmill interval + weights workout that gets you SWEATY, and quick. I’ll spell it out in another post, trust, cause you all have to try it. If I work out in the morning, you best bet it’s going to be a double day for me. I almost always have bootcamp or a trail run or something planned later in the day (can we talk about how happy it makes me that living in Reno means you are ALWAYS close to mountain trails? #mountainlife), and frankly, a double day makes me feel strong! By the way, shout out to South Reno Athletic Club, my gym. If you live anywhere in Reno, go here. It’s the best.  It’s diverse, the people are rad, and it’s AFFORDABLE.

Podcasting + Walking – So not only do I have a dog that requires A LOT (like, a lot a lot) of exercise, but walking in the morning kicks me into a really good place. Moving in general does. Exercise is like my bible (again, shocker, to those who know me). I’ve started making a point of walking to The Human Bean in my neighborhood with Lucy every single morning, and it’s a roundtrip jaunt of 25 minutes. Especially this GORGEOUS time of year, who can resist a brisk walk through the fall colored leaves that paint Reno into something stupid beautiful. It is blissful just being outside in the fall. So basic, I know. Anyhow, I get my coffee, she gets the sniffing and peeing on everything in sight out of her system, and while I used to leave my phone at home so that I could just disconnect and set my mind right for the day, I’ve started bringing it with me and listening to podcasts. It’s become a mood lifter/motivator/happiness tool I love. I’ll be sharing my fave podcasts with you all soon. If I don’t actually GET coffee on our walk (I mix it up based on my mood, which changes daily…again, shocker), I make Bulletproof Coffee at home. And speaking of breakfast…

nurients .jpg

Shake it up, baby – I am addicted to my Vega Chocolate Protein powder…I mix it with cashew milk and add a scoop of Vital Protein’s Collagen powder (unflavored). It’s amazing and tastes like a milkshake, and it honestly keeps me full until lunch (ish). I recently actually tried Oat milk – all the rage these days – and liked it but honestly you can do Almond, Almond + Coconut, Cashew, Oat (spoiler alert, they all taste the same)…I try to get the ones that are 35 calories or less per 8 oz. Alongside the shake, I take a women’s multivitamin ( chewy gummies to channel my inner child, of course), Omega-3 pills, Juice Plus, and a B-Vitamin complex (generic brand, plus I’m really tired of linking things, ok?).

“Good Morning, Reno!” – a little backstory on why I love watching, or at least listening to while I get ready, the local news…KRON to be specific. I moved to Reno 2 years ago, and I am allllll about throwing myself into the community, meeting people, getting involved, etc. I am 100% committed to making this place my home, and lately I’ve been getting super duper integrated into some amazing communities, personal and business, and I am really loving it. I enjoy the local news in the morning because it just makes me feel connected. Also, it’s like, adorably suburban and “routine-y” of me and I’m sort of a sucker for it. I imagine me in my future with my darling husband and our two kids running around getting them ready for school, eating organic gluten-free waffles and bacon, with the news on in the background. Stop it, Linds.

Skin. Care. RoutineRodan + Fields (omg, FINE one more) Brightening Reverse Regimen. Literally enough said. I am a junkie, and I’m not going to rehab. It has changed my skin and the way I feel about how I look.  I got a girl, if you need a hook up. 😉 I have a huge crush on their eye brightening cream and the lash boost, too. It just…works for me.

The deal is, this is not every single morning for me. But, over time, I am working toward being fiercely selfish with my morning time, because my health and productivity THANK me for it and I never ever regret my choice to drag my ass out of bed early to do all of these healthy, zen things. I had a moment of clarity this past week after having a really low key few days – aka not watching Monday night football at a bar that ends me up at Chapel Tavern (again Reno peeps, you feel me on Chapel…also I clearly have an issue saying no to the next bar. Oops.) drinking negronis and flirting with the bartender…and it was that the quality, intensity, and opportunities at work and even in my relationships grew 10x when I was hyper focused.

…and it all started with a solid, kick-ass morning routine.

So here I sit, my last night in New York City (CRYING TO LEAVE), sharing my intimate thoughts on productivity and morning routines (snooze…get it?!) and excited for what’s to come in work, the holidays, in life, and in returning to the online world of blogging…because damn, have I missed writing! Mostly, I’m excited about this negroni sitting next to me at a GORGEOUS rooftop bar called Mr. Purple (crap ok I PROMISE I AM DONE). Why am I in NYC? You’ll read why soon…




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