the best 25 (ish) minutes you’ll ever spend in a gym

So NEWSFLASH, I love working out. “Once an athlete always an athlete” is like, a really nice idea, but sometimes you lose that intrinsic motivation and guys, that shit is hard to keep up 24/7/365. It just is. I tend be motivated these days by races and events, so when I am on a mental or event hiatus, it can be hard to stay focused and on my a-game in the fitness realm.

If I am training for something (ie I am financially committed), I personally find it very easy and fun to throw myself into training. That said, we all go through slums, and the winters in Reno can be particularly dreary for outdoor workouts.  We’ve officially kicked off winter here in the mountains and while it makes me happy on SO many levels (helllllooooo ski season), outdoor stuff becomes limited and we are forced to head indoors. I mean, the sun comes up late and goes down early (which can limit the drive to run in the am/pm), and it’s COLD. Sometimes snowy. Sometimes even icy. I love a good snow run, don’t get me wrong, but not all the time. Here’s the real pickle, I HATE cardio machines. Of all kinds. Spin class sometimes bores me to tears but I really force myself.

After a little inspiration from others and some creativity of my own, I have created a workout in the gym you all should try because it will leave you feeling tired, a sweaty mess, and it literally takes less than 30 minutes. EFFICIENCY. You also don’t even need a crazy swanky gym to get this done. Hotel gyms have everything you need for this, so no excuses! Feel free to switch up the cardio machines, or even walk the cardio sections if you aren’t a runner…I sometimes will swap the tread for the stair-master or elliptical. Just because. So here ya go, have fun, and get your indoor workout on!


5 min treadmill – 6.0 speed

15 rows each arm, twice. 20 pushups. 20 bench press

10 burpees

4 min tread – 6.5 speed

15 weighted squats – I use a 20 lb weight

12 lunges each leg – 20 lb weight

*repeat series*

10 burpees

3 minutes tread – 7.0 speed (this one gets hard, go with it)

40 flutter kicks

40 bicycle crunches

Plank for 1 minute

10 burpees

2 min tread – 7.0 speed

10 thrusters – 15 lb dumbbells in each arm

10 burpees

*repeat series*

1 min sprint on tread – I go 9.0 speed

*drink water, wipe sweat, sashay out of gym like a boss*


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