I’m Lindsey, casually known as LDP by most of my friends. I am a confessed Zinfandel lover, my favorite running shoe is Nike Free RN’s, I am a mommy to the sweetest lab/collie rescue named Lucy, and I love the Christmas holiday so much it’s a little frightening. I also enjoy cooking, making limoncello and fire cider (ask me how!), running, hiking, a really good mezcal cocktail, my skincare line and adventure of all kind. I’ve always been known as that crazy girl who never stops moving, shaking, or doing for most of my life (I’m really good at run on sentences too).  I was raised on an Angus cattle ranch in the East Bay Area, grew up playing sports (mostly in the pool), and showing cattle. After a career in competitive water polo in high school and then at UC Berkeley, I became a member of both the Cal Dance team and club Triathlon team where I kept my love for competition going and found a new love in the endurance sport circuit. I continue to race triathlons and have landed myself in a variety of adventure races along the way. One time in my single days, my Bumble profile said “I dare you to keep up.” Haven’t changed since.

I moved from the Bay Area, CA to Reno, NV with my pup, and in some strategically carved out free time, I love skiing, wake-boarding, basically anything outdoors or active, and I have the most wonderful family in the entire world. No, seriously.

I started this little blog as part of my quest to insert myself into the fitness industry, that lost my interest, and it has transpired into a lifestyle memoir and place for me to talk all things personal, fitness, love, life, and beyond. I would describe myself as an extremist, one who is a health & fitness junkie but also realizes that life is about balance and fun as well. My goal is to inspire others (and let’s be real, often myself) to stay healthy, fit, constantly push the limits in every aspect of life, to find inner strength in the journey…and also how to stay a little crazy and ENJOY your life. I feel proud that I’ve found this balance and I want to show others that it is possible.

Forza means “strength” in Italian, something I am constantly attempting to incorporate into my life, my decisions, and in my actions…and I encourage you all to do the same. 🙂






Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to good health, to good laughs, to not taking life too seriously…and of course, to strength. 🙂

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