PED…or a mead hangover?

Has anyone ever tried the drink mead? Before our GoRuck event this past weekend (more on that in a second), a whole slew of us went to a meadery called The Rabbit's Foot to kick things off and have a few drinks socially before "the games began." I had this very grandiose medieval-like vision in … Continue reading PED…or a mead hangover?

Things I’m Loving 1.0

As I was brainstorming the direction to go with my next blog post, I found myself either getting topic block or completely distracted by something stupid like a FatJewish post on Instagram. It wasn't until I saw an article titled "How to apply lotion to your back without anyone's help" that I realized...holy cow, people … Continue reading Things I’m Loving 1.0

Girl Power

I'm not going to lie, I feel like a feminist just by deciding to WRITE this post, but here's the deal. Apparently it is 'Women's History Month' and I have one more day to capitalize on this. AND I am now a proud, proud Ambassador of the Movemeant Foundation (I apologize, but you are going … Continue reading Girl Power

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

**In an effort to help other women (and people) who may experience some of the same situations I do, I want to try and use this blog as an honest and open assessment of things I go through on this ‘Road to Couer D’Alene’, and in life. Some of it isn’t wonderful. Recently, I have been battling … Continue reading Check yourself before you wreck yourself

So Ironman training is…

Fun. Hard. Time consuming. Annoying. Exciting. Scary. All things everyone who has ever trained for anything, ever, knows. I think the thing about the training that I am most surprised by is my mindset shift. When I "started" the training program, aka had a daily/weekly plan that I "officially" implemented into my life...I had zero concept … Continue reading So Ironman training is…

I wish…we had…more time

Ok, this is long. Grab a cold brew, sit back, and enjoy. This is my recap of GoRuck HCLS San Francisco Veteran's Day, November 12-15th, 2015. I don’t really remember the exact moment that I decided to sign up for HCLS. Probably on a whim, the way I do most things. Maybe because it gave … Continue reading I wish…we had…more time

Get Vitabee!

Hi all, I am excited to announce my association with Vitabee, a new supplement and fitness product startup that helps people find, buy, and educate themselves on supplement regimens for their personal fitness and overall health goals. These guys are doing something really cool, it's like crowd-sourcing for fitness supplements and regimens, and I can't … Continue reading Get Vitabee!

Why ABC Family is my spirit animal

One of the best parts about being an adult, in my opinion, is watching holiday movies you love on repeat whenever you want, with no judgment from others or a parent telling you to go brush your teeth and go to bed. And wine. Don’t forget the wine. And maybe even some pumpkin spiced candles (guys I got … Continue reading Why ABC Family is my spirit animal

work, life, and more GoRuck

Today I am to be featured on my company’s Facebook page (you can see this live later today here). Each week we highlight someone at BetterWorks and ask then a few light hearted questions, one of which is “What’s been your favorite moment at BetterWorks?” I found this question really tough to answer, because throughout my … Continue reading work, life, and more GoRuck


Last night I went to a really inspiring event at the Museo Italo Americano (museum) in Ft. Mason hosted by 'The Habit Project', a foundation founded by professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano (who totally retweeted me today, woot)...I wonder if she requested the event be at an Italian inspired venue? She clearly has the Italian thing … Continue reading habits