Blogger Survey (with pictures)

Remember those super cute email chains you used to get with surveys that you could fill out and pass to you friends when you were like, 13, on AOL? Yeah this is kinda like that. Sarcasm aside, I love interacting with other bloggers, and this was found on, who got it from someone else, etc. … Continue reading Blogger Survey (with pictures)

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Summer Camp and Double Days

Sometimes you're just like "I want to write about so many things." So I will, because it's America and that's freedom, kids. So last weekend I went to "Summer Camp" with my GoRuck weirdo tribe down in Santa Cruz. For a cult (yes, a cult) of people who tend to spend 90% of their time … Continue reading Summer Camp and Double Days

My Sheepdogs

Do you ever find yourself in those moments where you ask yourself “how did I get here?"…not in that waking up lost and hungover with a bruise on your leg and you don’t know how it got there…but let’s be honest that has totally happened to me. No, I am talking about the kind where … Continue reading My Sheepdogs

Summiting Mt. Diablo, sidewalk blisters & discovering Yoga to the People

I had decided that after my body-ruining bender weekend at Outside Lands the weekend prior, this next weekend was going to be completely dry, full of healthy eating, and super action-packed with runs and yoga classes and hikes and lots of sleep. Well, true to my nature, I managed to pull a change-up and break … Continue reading Summiting Mt. Diablo, sidewalk blisters & discovering Yoga to the People

What a Weirdo

One of my favorite things about a kick in the ass by life is the few days/weeks you take to "re-evaluate" yourself. I literally can't tell you how many times I have "re-evaluated" myself since the last time I posted something. I am quoting this because I try to approach this with a sense of … Continue reading What a Weirdo

Every ‘Step’ Counts!

Hi everyone! I am back after what might be the longest blogging hiatus ever. Life is hard, man. As you all may know, I am climbing Mt. Shasta with the Breast Cancer Fund, and over the past few weeks have REALLY started to ramp up my fundraising efforts. I feel like this event, both fundraising for, … Continue reading Every ‘Step’ Counts!

friday faves

Happy New Year, all! Ok so I am a little late to the game on this one, I've been away from the blog for a hot second. We're already on January 10th. of 2014. Who else still has trouble writing/typing that '4' instead of '3'? Between my job and all of it's craziness, planning my … Continue reading friday faves

overcoming annoyances of exercise

When I look back at my high school self, sometimes I'm sort of amazed at the bandwidth I managed. I really have no idea how I to got straight A's (oh no, i CRIED if I got a B on anything), played sports year round and for a traveling club team, was in Leadership and … Continue reading overcoming annoyances of exercise

the bar breakdown

When I was a kid, good ol' Quaker Oats and Power Bars were pretty much the extent of my knowledge when it came to the (now EVER popular) "bar supplement." In today's society, both of those are considered bad for you - to the somewhat nutritionally aware, anyway. There's constantly new brands and new lines … Continue reading the bar breakdown


So apparently today is #givingtuesday (yes, I am hashtagging this one. Twitter, folks!). I, like many others, have to wonder where all of these random "holidays" come from. Like, how is there all of a sudden Cyber Monday (talk about a generational creation). Who coined these? Can we chalk it up to the economists of … Continue reading #givingtuesday