on the evolution train

So I am on day 1 (officially) of the Evolution Fresh juice cleanse. Thanks to the inspiration of my friend Jess, and feeling motivated after a weekend of...extreme unhealthiness...I decided, over gchat, in about 30 seconds that I was going to give it a go. This is typically how I make most of my decisions, … Continue reading on the evolution train

“get comfortable being uncomfortable”

 - erica pantle, varsity swimming head coach, LHS So, I’ve been through a job interview or two...or three, or four, or like fifty-six. My generation, especially in big tech-savvy cities like San Francisco, is very well known for bouncing from job to job, typically never staying longer than a year or two at the same … Continue reading “get comfortable being uncomfortable”

I Love Lucy

Welcome, folks! Ah, the dreaded first blog post. What do I write about? Should I start with a sample boot camp workout, the one I threw together for my clients this morning? Or maybe a personal story pertaining to some life lesson I acquired way back when...OR, a recipe that is quick and easy and … Continue reading I Love Lucy