on the evolution train

So I am on day 1 (officially) of the Evolution Fresh juice cleanse. Thanks to the inspiration of my friend Jess, and feeling motivated after a weekend of…extreme unhealthiness…I decided, over gchat, in about 30 seconds that I was going to give it a go. This is typically how I make most of my decisions, by the way. On the fly. Good? Not always. Fun? You bet.

As much as I am hard-core craving anything and everything that isn’t juice, tea, fruits, or vegetables, I’m actually feeling pretty great. I started the day with a workout at BodyFi before my class began (this is a tried and true way to “test” my classes, as well – but it definitely means really early mornings). First juice was the Essential Vegetables.

IMG_2033(like my purple chipped nailpolish?)

This juice was pretty good – the beets gave it a nice flavor, only 140 calories in the bottle, 28 grams of sugar…not great, but not awful. 30 grams of carbs, a ton of Vitamin A and Potassium as well. About 2 hours later I had juice #2, Sweet Greens, which was so awful that I had to chug it and throw it out immediately. So sorry, no photo. For lunch, I did round 2 of Essential Greens, plus I decided to incorporate a few real food additions, like fruits and veggies, also the snack bars that Evolution makes that are REALLY good. They sell them at Starbucks, too. Sweet! So I had one of those and some carrots I brought from home.

IMG_2034This afternoon I did the Cucumber Pineapple Ginger, which was SO delicious, but had a ton of sugar and a higher calorie content. Boo. But, I figured, I’ve worked out today and will be teaching class later/going on a walk, so I can handle it (I know, you aren’t supposed to workout on a cleanse…that’s a rule I am just going to have to break).


Other than salivating as my coworkers pass around Haribo gummy bears, my head feels clear, I feel lighter on my feet, my energy levels are a bit down but overall not terrible. I think I can do this for another day! Also, I am wearing the cutest polka dot shoes that are making me super happy today.

IMG_2035And, my mom posted the sweetest little Instagram for Throwback Thursday. My mom is so with it and trendy, it cracks me up! Her hashtags are better than mine sometimes.


I mean come on, with the bangs. Also, is one side of my hair curly while the other side is crimpy? This is pure gold.

…and the FINAL piece of randomness that I have for this Thursday is that I can officially announce my EXCITEMENT in that I’ve landed an amazing gig, and will be joining the recruiting team at Fitbit next week! I am so excited and honored to be joining a super innovative and successful company IN the fitness industry. Total win!

Wish me luck as I roll into day 2 of this cleanse business. If you are interested in trying this, and live in San Francisco, you can order online, or pick up very handy 6-packs (I WISH it was that kind of 6-pack) at their store on Fillmore & Sacramento. It is a great product, and the store has awesome salads, breakfast foods, etc. as well. Still, I’m already excited to break the cycle at my going away happy hour with SoFi (anyone have student loans? Look them up! Amazing company that is disrupting the student loan industry).

Happy Thursday everyone!


“get comfortable being uncomfortable”

 – erica pantle, varsity swimming head coach, LHS

So, I’ve been through a job interview or two…or three, or four, or like fifty-six. My generation, especially in big tech-savvy cities like San Francisco, is very well known for bouncing from job to job, typically never staying longer than a year or two at the same company. It’s often frowned upon, particularly by my parents and their friends. Well, hey! That’s me too! Except here’s the thing, I don’t frown upon it. I actually really value and embrace the crazy lows and highs I’ve had in the business world – some incredibly enjoyable, and others, well…they’ve taught me a lot. A LOT. But that’s besides the point. The point is, I feel like I’m starting to master the art of interviewing & networking, leading to usually landing jobs in record time. It’s rather fun, I must say. Also on the plus side, I have finally, FINALLY, moved past that nervous pit sweat that you get during those nerve-wracking interviews. Word to other sweaty interviewers out there – always wear a top that is black. I’ve had to do the awkward arm-stuck-to-your-body-so-you-don’t-see-this-awfulness goodbye handshake on more than one occasion. It’s mortifying.

Anyway,  some of the best advice I have ever received, in the professional sense, was from a very good friend/mentor/personal training client (shoutout to the amazing Karen!). She said “Lindsey, never, ever stop talking to people. I want you to have a ton of things going on or in motion ALL the time.” Well Karen, be proud. At this point I have so many balls in the air I could be a world class circus juggler. So thanks. 🙂 Even if you have a job, one you might love, never stop networking. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I have opened up for myself just by keeping in touch with people consistently, making an effort to be outgoing and talkative, saying YES to things, and always thinking about the next step.

Her advice has also helped me in my goal to conquer being fearless. In the three years I have been back in SF after leaving Backroads – which deserves an entire blog of it’s own – I have worked at a few different start-ups and thus interviewed with countless people, and my personal elevator pitch has somehow evolved into “I am fearless.” And people seem to like that! I think fearlessness stems from improving self-confidence, getting over a fear of rejection, and building emotional “forza”. It’s something that takes practice, and it takes being conscious of what is actually going on inside your body when you experience times of anxiety. Being fully aware and acknowledging your reactions is a very enlightening practice. What I’ve come to learn is that the reality we make is only in our head. For example, when thinking about reaching out to gyms to get my teaching career started, I could have very easily told myself “no, why would they hire a recently certified instructor?”. It’s that self-confidence thing. When you approach opportunities with a strong head and are confident in your abilities, doors fly open. FLY.


One of the best books I have ever read, and still come back to sometimes, is called ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael Singer (see it here). It teaches about these things and so much more. Aside from using it in my professional growth, I’ve been able to apply it to every single aspect of my life. Choosing to push the limits, stand up for your true self, and constantly improve who you are takes guts, it really does. It’s just so easy  to remain status-quot and go about your day to day, to give in to the no-stress, fun way out…and hey, we all have days we are feeling either lazy or unmotivated or frustrated. But remember that YOU chose your life. Nobody else can make things happen for you…and if you want my advice, well, it’s going to be recycled but here goes – do one thing EVERY day that gets you just a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Or, as my high school swim coach used to say, “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. Get out of your own head and remember that your reality is what YOU make of it, and not what other people do TO you. So choose to create happiness, choose to live healthily…choose to run for just 20 minutes instead of sitting on your computer!…and finally, choose to live life fearlessly, one small step at a time. I promise you won’t regret it!

I Love Lucy

Welcome, folks! Ah, the dreaded first blog post. What do I write about? Should I start with a sample boot camp workout, the one I threw together for my clients this morning? Or maybe a personal story pertaining to some life lesson I acquired way back when…OR, a recipe that is quick and easy and totally paleo. Nope. All too overwhelming. So, I’ll write about my current favorite thing in the whole wide world – my dog, Lucy.

Actually, this is great. One of the very reasons I got Lucy is to have a permanent running buddy, to motivate me to keep pounding the pavement when I’m feeling in a funk. “Motivation” – one of my blog goals! Score. Well, she’s that and more. The gal is simply fantastic on a leash; can run an 8-mile trail run and still want to play. It’s incredible. Someone is actually showing me up on the energy scale…I never thought that would happen to me, ever! So, little did I know that I had picked out THE PERFECT dog when I got her…


(she ran the Muscle Milk Woodsy 8-Miler with me…came first in dog!)


(seriously…the cutest)

In my (ongoing) quest to diversify my life a few months ago, I decided to start volunteering at the SF SPCA in hopes it would lead me to a new little mut to take home. I saw Lucy on day 1, and had her at home about a week later. It was magical. Although I about near had a heart attack before I went and picked her up, so far it’s been an absolute joy and I’m completely in love. My brilliant mother got me a leash that clips around your waist so you can run hands free, and she loves it! I love it too, except when she decides to jolt after birds and lizards, causing me to trip forward/sideways on occasion. We’re working on that. 🙂

So, running with a dog. Luckily I live in the Presidio, so trail runs are everywhere! The best route we’ve found is the Bay Area Mountain Trail, and it’s proven time and time again to be the best medicine for stress relief and tough times. It’s also perfect for getting my nature fix in this chaotic urban jungle. Here’s my route starting from the Marina:

BA Ridge Trail

It’s the perfect ~5 mile trek that takes you in through the Lombard Gate, up and back past the softball fields/tennis courts, through eucalyptus forests, spitting you out oceanside for super money shots of Baker Beach & the GGB, past the “secret” Moss Beach (a destination you must all look up!), down to Hopper’s Hands, returning along Crissy Field. It’s my most recommended route for all you trail runners, absolutely perfect for a dog, and a total SF staple.

Lucy and I will typically reward ourselves with a latte (for her, a cheesy bacon cookie) from the Presidio Starbucks post-run. I’ll tie her up outside, and she’ll immediately start yapping like a maniac the second I walk inside (alas, the rescue aftermath), where I’ll give a fake “ugh, who’s dog is THAT” look on my face to blend in with the other cranky patrons. I shove my head down and play with my phone, pretending she isn’t mine. But, as soon as my tall SKVL is on the counter, I run outside to get “you didn’t leave me!” kisses from my little lady. Who cares if she barks louder than a siren? She’s the best running partner ever…and that yapping, well, we’re working on that too.