Roman and I did a little lifting this morning at the JCC in San Francisco, and it felt kinda great to be back in a normal gym environment! I had a lot of fun lifting heavy, as it had been a while. Check out our burner below..

**Run from home to the JCC, about 1.5 miles**

2 minute warmup on the rower, then…

  1. 2,000 meters row FOR TIME. I did it in 8:34 and i KNOW I can go faster – excited for this new challenge! Also, this is hard. Really hard. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow!
  2. 5×5 Gorilla Complex.
    1. 5 reps each, 5x through:
      1. Bench press (75#)
      2. Weighted squat (75#)
      3. Barbell row (55#)
      4. Deadlift (75#)
      5. Push-press (55#)

…then I ended up doing another 5×5 of squats at 125# again since “we were there to lift heavy things”. I wanted to play around in the gym a bit more so I did a HIIT circuit of 20 kb swings + 5 burpees, as fast as possible, 3x through. Then we stretched and cooled down and hit the road…not without a Muscle Milk 100 protein shake on the way out, of course!

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