This morning I decided to utilize my Class Pass (um, if I may make a suggestion, try this! For just a month, even. The quality of studio and gym options is pretty impressive) and get a good solid traditional “gym” workout in. Sometimes I miss the overwhelming feeling of putting together a solid, fun, dynamic set together with ALL of that equipment to choose from. This is short and sweet and not that easy…for all you time crunchers.


5 Minute StairMaster, 3 Minute Run @ 7.5 pace on Treadmill

Main Set:

20-18-16-14-12-10 of KB Swings (16kg), in between each set do:

10 Lat pull-downs, 60#

10 Squats, 50# barbell

10 bent over rows. 50# barbell


90 KB swings

60 of each Lat pull-downs, squats, rows

2nd Set:

1 minute burpees

1 minute push-ups

1 minute boss ball crunches

Repeat once more (2x total)

Stretch, foam roll (ah, the foam roller)

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