I really enjoyed this workout; just the right amount of cardio and heavy lifting (heavy is relative, but it was good for my GoRuck goals). Training a few days a week like this is great for my upcoming GRT events because it’s all about load under time, and cardio repetition (aka walking with loaded weight for hours on end). We just started working out as members of StudioMix in SF, it’s nice to be back playing with barbells and other fun gym-y things. 🙂

I altered some things, scaled some things as well (I note these things below) – I think being able to have a bit of creative and intuitive freedom in your training is important – do what works for you, but also keep what pushes you…give it a whirl (and excuse my teammate Jarie’s terrible handwriting) :).

weight workout

  1. 4 Rounds
  • 8x Squats @ 95#
  • 8 push-ups
  • 8 situps
  • Instep stretch 3-4 times each side (basically a plank position runners lunge you hold for 2-3 seconds)

  2.  6 Rounds

  • 4x back squat @ 105#
  • 6x floor press (I did 8x, with 203 dumbbells instead of KBs)
  • Lat/Pec stretch – about 30 seconds each side

  3. 8 Rounds

  • 8x back squat @ 95#
  • 40 step-ups on a bench (these sucked – i did them really fast for cardio)
  • 10x weighted sit-ups with a 20# dumbbell

    4. 4 Rounds

  • 30% your max # pull-ups – I did 5 each round, unbanded, woo!
  • 10 x EO’s (this funny little exercise where you lie on your back and basically wiggle to the R, L using your core and your shoulder blades. Check it)
  • 45 second Front Bridge
  • 10x Good mornings @ 45# (hammy workout, barbell on your back and a front lean forward, using your backside to prop you back up)

One thought on “9.4.15

  1. Craig Grzeskowiak says:

    So do you have a main goal(s) to achieve with your fitness?? Climb Mount Everest, swim English channel, MMA, yoga instructor or certified professional trainer? Or just lots of short term goals? Or are you Olympic bound and I am clueless?? It would seem your diet is keeping you healthy! I’m sure in your young 20’s that’s not as much of a concern but the body can be cruel. Not to be Debbie Downer!

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