It may not be Monday, but your regularly scheduled program will resume next week!

Today’s workout: Kettlebell Training Circuit! We did this exact class this morning at bodyfi, and it’s a sweaty one. You’re on your honor for most of it, so push your limits – use a heavier KB than you think you can, quicken your pace, try not to rest…and have fun!

3 Rounds of KB circuits, 5 Minutes each. Each person goes at their own pace, tries to complete the circuit as many times as possible!

To start, get that heart rate up with a Burpee Tabata!

Round 1:

5 Push-ups (chest all the way to the ground on these!)

10 KB squats (booty to the GROUND, hold the KB by the horn at chest level)

15 KB swings

Round 2: 

5 Push-ups

10 Burpees

15 V-Ups (arms/legs come up into a v, slowly lower back down to laying flat on the ground)

Round 3:

5 Push-ups

10 single arm squat-to-press (5 with the left arm, 5 with the right)

15 dead-lifts (have a heavier KB nearby for these)

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