This week’s 30 minute crash session will get you super sweaty, super fast! Believe me, I tried it. I just started training a pair of women 2 mornings a week, and this was a great one to run them through as their fitness levels are VERY different. This allows you and your partner to push your limits without holding the other one back!

Warmup: High knees 1 minute, Runners lunge (a few times each side)

Perform each round (2 sets for 1:30, and then switch with your partner) 1 time through (or do it twice, if you have an hour!). Each Round contains 2 sets; one more weight/balance focused and one cardio focused!

Round 1:

Set 1: Squat, lunge w/ overhead press, squat, lunge with overhead press (rotating legs on the lunge)

Set 2: Hold medicine ball overhead, high knees

Round 2:

Set 1: Pushup on Bosu, L knee drive, pushup on Bosu, R knee drive

Set 2: Shuffle the floor, 5 star jumps (repeat over and over)

Round 3: 

Set 1: Box Step-Ups, rotating legs

Set 2: Plank position, punch right, left (this one is a serious ab killer)

Round 4: 

Set 1: Walkouts from standing position, jump at top

Set 2: Bosu foot taps in a circle

Round 5:

Set 1: Tricep dips

Set 2: Burpees!

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