Monday, October 13th

Happy Columbus Day! I am huge on outdoor circuits, and love putting together boot camp style workouts. Here’s one I did with the ‘Boot(y) Camp’ crew, a fantastic group of girls I run boot camp for on Wednesday evenings (these ladies can work it). We did this at Alta Plaza Park amidst a gorgeous sunset…but this particular set can be done anywhere with stairs!


5-10 minute jog (or jog from home to stairs), walking Lunges – 1 minute, Frankenstein Walks (toe-touch walks) – 1 minute

Main Set One – Stairs

20 pushups

3x Stairs

20 squats

3x Stairs

20 Mountain Climbers

3x Stairs

This can be done solo, or with a group…the group atmosphere makes it more interactive! If you have 4 people, 1 person is doing the pushups, squats, mountain climbers, etc. while the other three do one set of stairs. By the end of the set, you’ve all done the exercise + 3 sets stairs…get it? 🙂


Main Set 2 – Plyometrics

1 minute tricep dips on bench

2 Burpees, 20 shuffles, 2 Burpees, 20 shuffles

Repeat 3x

Plank – 30 seconds

Right Side Plank, Left Side Plank – 30 seconds each

Finish with 10 burpees



STRETCH! Quads, hamstrings, calves, triceps, overhead reach!

Happy climbing! 🙂

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