Ok, ok…so it’s a day late – but my first day at Fitbit was yesterday! Needless to say I was busy, distracted, etc etc. BUT. This is a great workout that I’m going to test on my morning class at BodyFi this week. Great with a partner, but DEFINITELY doable alone as well!

A former TRX Instructor used to make us say “We – Love – Burpees – Yay!” as we did burpees (it’s a movement with 4 parts – makes sense, ya?)…I highly recommend the mantra to get you through these bad boys. 🙂


30 Crunches

40 Mtn Climbers

30 Side Crunches – L

20 V-Ups

10 Scissors

20 V-Ups

30 Side Crunches – R

40 Mtn Climbers

30 Crunches


TRX SL Squat to Lunge – 20 L, 20 R

20 TRX Biceps, 20 TRX Triceps

TRX Lunge Jumps w/ Pulse – 20 each side

30 TRX Rows – Low, High

**Person not on TRX does burpees – if alone, throw in 10 burpees between exercises**



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