Another partner/group workout! As I have to start getting creative to mix up my class structure a bit, I am loving these group based workouts. It isn’t just me telling the class what to do, it is more engaging and dependent on the success of the “team.” Also…has anyone heard of Fitmob? Check it out! It’s a great new company that’s offering outdoor fitness classes and promote the “group” setting as well, part of my inspiration to try more of these. Essentially, they are trying to move people away from the traditional gym model and give clients/trainers the upper hand. I am excited to see where they go!

Here goes…enjoy! You’ll need a TRX and a kettle bell for this one, if you don’t have kettle bells you can definitely improvise. Want to do this solo? Do 1 minute each round, 30 seconds each “Rotating” exercise. Repeat a few times!

ROUND 1: Kettle bell Swings

Rotating: Burpees


Rotating: Mountain Climbers

ROUND 3: Pulse Lunge jumps

Rotating: Hallway shuffle

ROUND 4: Squat Press w/ Kettlebell

Rotating: Dead Bugs

ROUND 5: TRX Pendulum

Rotating: Burpees

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