Cardio + TRX Blast

We did this in class the other morning, and it’s been my go-to for the past week. Great for a solid 30 minutes of sweat. 🙂

The Plan: 20 reps of each exercise x2, followed by 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers

TRX Squats – first set on TRX, 2nd set OH squats

Mtn Climbers

Sprinter Start – 20 slow, 20 fast (switch legs)

Mtn Climbers

Front Squat in TRX – nice tight plank at the top! – repeat, set doesn’t change

Mtn Climbers

Single Arm Pull – 20 reps each arm

Mtn Climbers

Hamstring Curls (heels in TRX) – first set alternate legs, 2nd set legs together

Mtn Climbers

Pike to Push-Up – 20 reps…if you’re feeling amazing, do 2 sets

Mtn Climbers

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