Indoor cycling is about as close to going crazy via boredom as it gets for me. So how do I keep myself entertained on the long, yet necessary, sets? Besides podcasting and music, dynamic sets help with subsiding the boredom, as well as give you a GREAT workout. If you are training for an endurance event or just want a kick-ass cardio workout, give this a try. It’s 90-minutes; feel free to scale back on the repetitions to make it a 45 or 60 minute workout!

On a stationary bike or at-home trainer:

10 min warmup – low gear, high cadence (~19 -22 mph)

Pre-Main Set:

5 minutes seated hill

5 minute standing hill

*repeat 3x

Main Set:

5 minute seated “road” – mid level gear, ~18 mph at race pace

2 minute standing – fast paced, mid level gear, ~23 mph

3 minute easy recovery

*repeat 3x

10 minute endurance set, aim for higher gear, lower cadence – power

10 min warmup – low gear, high cadence (~19 -22 mph)