As I have been focusing most of my time on endurance training, and when I do get the chance – usually once a week – to hit the weights, it still ends up being really low volume on arm exercises. Seeing as once upon a time, I used to be able to do pull-ups, I decided to start focusing on building my upper body strength back up. It definitely can’t hurt my swimming.

This workout left me exhausted, completely blistered…and is likely to make me very sore…isn’t it awesome? Enjoy!


10 minute bike or row

Pull-Up ladder:

5x 2,4,6,8 reps each of:

Regular Pull-ups

Reverse grip

Close grp

Wide grip

(that’s 80 pull-ups total – and I scaled them with bands, for the record)

Push-Up Ladder:


(I won’t lie, there was some knee-pushups in here)

Sit-Up Ladder:


(I alternated regular sit-ups with 2-count flutter kicks and some reverse crunches)